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      *We began participant collection of the 22nd auction organized by Net Japan-Komehyo-Park Auction Limited. 


1.Seller's Registration

 Seller who is interested in the auction needs to send us the following information. 
 We will follow up later.
 Company name
 Company address
 Person in charge
 Phone Number
 Email Address

 We will contact you once we receive your information.
 Seller who has participated the auction previously do not need to register again.

 Auction items are to be hand carried to our office or shipped with insurance.
 We will contact you with the estimated starting price of the items.

 Please make a decision to either auction off the item or retract the item from the auction. 

※NotesWe would like to mention sellers name on the Auction List.


2.Item submission date

 <In Japan>
 Final date for submission of auction goods : → Contact us 

 Please be advised that any question regarding the auction may only be answered before the final submission date.

 No items will be accepted after Final date for submission of auction goods.

 due to the fact auction item needs to be shipped to Hong Kong punctually.


 <In Hong Kong>
 Please call or email us if you would like to submit the items in Hong Kong.
 Melees will not be accepted for submission in Hong Kong.
 (We do not have the proper equipment to inspect the melees)


3.Acceptable auction items


 *1 Carat or bigger loose diamonds (GIA, CGL, etc)

 *1 Carat or smaller loose diamonds
   ・Please make the pointer lots 10 items or more.
   ・CGL pointers will not be accepted.


4.Selling Commission

 Seller will be charged 5% commission charge
 95% of the "Sold" price will be paid.

 The second place award will be paid from the commission charge as well.



 Auction is not complete until the auction company receives the full invoice amount from the buyers.

 Please specify the payment currency (USD or JPY) when submitting the items to us.

 The settlement and the return of goods are scheduled to be completed within a few weeks after the end of the auction. 

 <For USD Payment>
 The amount sold minus the commission charge will be wire transferred to your account.

 <For JPY Payment>
 Payment will use the currency exchange rate of the day wire transfer will take place.