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 Terms and Conditions

      *We began participant collection of the 22nd auction organized by Net Japan-Komehyo-Park Auction Limited. 



 Client who is interested in the auction needs to send us the following information. We will follow up later.
   Company name   /   Company address   /   Person in charge  /   Phone number  /  E-mail address

The preview room has not so much space.We recommend early entry to our auction.    
 Web registration is also available 

 We also accept absentee bidding for the clients who can not make it on the auction date.
 Please take a look at the Preview section for more details.
 Buyers are not liable for the commission charge as it is included in the seller's fee.



 Auction entrants must pay US$ 5,000 for guarantee.
 Before joining the preview, please prepare US$ 5,000 for smooth registration.
 The guarantee will be collected during the registration process before the preview.
 You will also be given a receipt for the guarantee with unique paddle number.

 The guarantee amount collected will be subtracted from the total invoice amount.
 The guarantee will be given back to the clients who made no purchase.
 (Exchange with Original Receipt ONLY)
 Buyers with absentee bids would need to leave a deposit during the preview as well.

  Please note:

 1.     The guarantee accepted only Wire/bank transfer (please E-mail TT bank confirmation to parkdiam@gmail.com  )

*2.     Please include your company name on the “Message to the beneficiary” on all TTs,wires,and online bank transactions.



 Preview is available on the dates listed below  

 2/26 10:30 -18:30 2/27 10:00 -18:30 *Melee&Single Stone【Place】MR201 

 2/28 10:00 - 18:00 *Single Stone Only 【Place】MR201

   Please select the dates from the website to reserve the seating.
 Both reservation and waiting list reservation can be booked.
 It is recommended to reserve early as we have limited seating.
 From our experience, clients with last minute booking usually never gets to see everything they need.

 <Preview Process>
 The preview will be done in a controlled environment with a professional staff at each preview table.
 <Clients unable to participate on the auction day>
 Please write down the auction item number and the maximum bid for the items interested.
 Our staff will bid on the items on your behalf.
We can not bid for you if the guarantee is not paid during the preview.
 <Important information about melee diamonds>
 Our auction goods include secondhand items which may slightly include non-diamond material (ie: Cubic Zirconia).

 Please preview the items at your own risk.
 (Items purchased can not be returned or exchanged)
A minute amount of non-diamond melees inside a parcel have generally no financial importance in our auction.

4.Auction Process

 The buyer will exchange the guarantee receipt at the reception for the paddle before entering the auction hall.

 The paddle given to the buyer represents your company. Please make sure that the auctioneer is able to see your number.

 Auction may be done by raising the voice or raising the paddle.

 There are two different ways to bid on the item.
 A.) Discount from the Rapaport Price List
 B.) Per Carat Pricing (For items not listed on the Rapaport Price List or Melees)

 The starting price will be listed on the auction inventory list.
 The auction price will never go below the listed starting price.
 We do not accept any returns.


5.Information about second place

 Second place reward is for the buyer who holds the highest bidding of the item.

 Second place rewards will be subtracted from the total invoice amount.
 (Exchange with Original Receipt ONLY)

For Second place

 We will Payment of the second place reward 0.3% from the auction price sold For Second place.


6.Payment Procedure

 The invoice will be given after the auction ends.
 All payments must be submitted in full 
within a few days after the end of the auctionand goods will be available upon receipt of funds.

Form of Payment Accepted

1.    Wire/bank transfer (please E-mail TT bank confirmation to parkdiam@gmail.com)

2.    USDCash*

*Cash payments are accepted with a 0.25% premium, for which the bank charges us for handling the money

Please Note

1.    All payment must include all bank fees, including overseas bank charges.

a.    Please check off “Remitter pays local and overseas bank charges” on the telegraphic form at the bank.

b.    Please include your company name on the “Message to the beneficiary” on all TTs,wires,and online bank transactions.

2.    Company checks will not be accepted.

3.    Guarantee and Second place reward will be subtracted from the total invoice amount.


 Wiring Information ]

 Account Number (USD) No.F15-768-293375
 Bank Name Mizuho Bank,Ltd.Hong Kong Branch
 Bank Address 12/F., K11 Atelier, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,  
 Swift Code MHCBHKHH


7.Item Pickup Instruction

 We will inform you about pickup address once the full invoice amount is received.
 We do not handle any kind of overseas shipping.    

 ■ Pickup location
 3/2 10:30 - 15:00 @ AWE_MR201
 3/4 10:00 - 17:00 @ NET JAPAN (HONGKONG)